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A good night’s sleep is one of life’s best qualities. It is a source of energy and vibrancy for the day to come.The best way to experience these qualities is to find a mattress with great protection, comfort anddurability. Perfect Serenity® provides a comfort layer for extra cushioning and support that comes withevery Uratex® foam Mattress. Perfect Serenity® has also been treated with Sanitized® that will satisfy theneed for protection against germs, bacteria, dust mites, fungi, unpleasant odors, asthma and otherallergies.

With Perfect Serenity®‘s elegant wave quilt design and its antibacterial properties, you are sure to have agood night sleep!


The foam is guaranteed for a period of five (5) full years from date of purchase against inherent manufacturing defects and/or damage, or wear and tear, under normal usage. Polyurethane foam has a natural tendency to eventually develop slight shape distortion, minor softening and discoloration. Thus, the guarantee is limited to sagging (loss of thickness by more than 25%) and crumbling of the foam slab.